We recognize player involvement with the game by awarding people ranks in Culture (Freedom Underground). This rating has nothing to do with your character's rating in Culture (Freedom Underground) in a campaign that you are playing in, but is a personal rating for you in the FBTU community. People with a high enough rating will have closer interactions with the developer and gain access to behind the scenes information about new developments and upcoming books, have questions about the game answered personally by the author, be eligible to participate in special events, gain special recognition, and gain other surprise benefits!

Ways to increase your rating in Culture (Freedom Underground)

1) Run The Future Belongs To Us at a convention. You must be the GM and the game should be listed in the program guide or event list of the convention. Scan or take a picture of the page that the FBTU event is listed on and email it to freedomunderground@thefuturebelongstous.com. You can also send a link to the event list if the convention has it posted on its website and it is publically accessible (does not require signing up for an account to access). You will gain Culture (Freedom Underground) +5 for each convention that you run at least one game session at. Cancelled events are not eligible. A list of some conventions can be found here.

2) Purchase or preorder certain books or accessories off of this website. The rating gained in Culture (Freedom Underground) will vary depending on which edition is ordered. You will gain the bonus with every order even if you purchase multiple copies of the same book or accessory.